Blue Future Summit

A yearly event where we bring together LPs & GPs to discuss the most important trends affecting the world of Venture Capital.

Previous Editions

Blue Future Summit 2023:
Building European Moonshots

In 2023, we gathered leading European Deep Tech Ventures, LPs and VCs at Lilium to talk about the State of VC and to discuss how we can build more European moonshots.

Blue Future Summit 2022:
How Investors Navigate the Downturn

In 2022, we heard from GPs at Construct, Angular & Ubiquity, as well as three LPs, on how they are navigating the global economic downturn.

Blue Future Summit 2021:
The Globalization of Venture Capital 

In 2021, we discussed how VC is going global, with great startup successes coming out of Turkey, Romania and other countries.

Blue Future Summit 2020:
Investing in Technology in a New Era

In 2020, we spoke with three GPs and 3 of our LPs on how they are dealing with the new normal of work-from-home, and the digitization of everything.