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We invest in emerging Venture Capital Funds and Entrepreneurs for a better Future together. 

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Blue Future Partners (BFP) is a fund of funds with decades of experience in Venture Capital investing. We back emerging managers focused on early stage technology investments. We are people-centric and relationship-driven, with a global investment mandate and strong ties with emerging managers in the US, Europe, Israel, China, and Southeast Asia.

Collective Responsibility

Beyond being passionate technology investors, we want to make a positive difference by supporting organizations who solve the world’s most pressing challenges by using technology.

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Sustainable future growth

Investment Approach

Blue Future Partners invests in technology. As a fund of funds, we primarily invest in emerging managers of earlystage Venture Capital funds. In addition, we support fund managers by co-investing directly in their portfolio companies in follow-on funding rounds. 

We strive to be long-term partners to emerging managers through multiple fund vintages.

We spend a lot of time mapping the landscape and selecting the right relationship fit for both our investors and emerging VC managers. We have built a robust operational investment platform to foster mutually beneficial relationship.

Long-Term Partnerships
We seek to build trusted, enduring relationships with our partners which we believe to be the foundation for successful investments. We see it as our responsibility to add value besides the capital we provide.
Alignment Of Interest
Successful businesses are built on an alignment of interests between all parties involved. We look for this alignment in every regard of the LP-GP relationship.
Risk-Return Optimization
We always look at returns in connection with the risks undertaken to generate them. We expect our partners to have a structured approach to risk management whilst taking the risks required for out sized returns.

ESG Beyond Boilerplates
As responsible investors we want to contribute to use technology to build a more sustainable world for future generations. We prefer clear ESG policies to help generate future returns not only on a financial level.
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Long-Term Partnerships

Blue Future Partners pursues trusted and enduring partnerships with emerging managers. We believe this process forms the foundation for investment success and see it as our responsibility to add value in addition to the capital we provide.

Alignment of Interest

Successful businesses are built on aligned interests. Blue Future Partners regards the alignment of long-term incentives and common values as the cornerstone of the LP-GP relationship as a means to safeguard our common interest.

Risk-Return Optimization

Diligent investing requires an understanding of returns relative to the risks undertaken to generate them. We select fund managers who have robust risk management practices and take the necessary risks to generate outsized returns.

ESG beyond boilerplates

As responsible investors, we strive to apply the potential of technology to build a more sustainable world for future generations. We look for clearly defined ESG principles to make a positive impact while generating returns.


Promoting a collective effort to share ESG practices, frameworks and approaches in Venture Capital

Commitment to Partnership and mutual respect

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