At Blue Future Partners, we believe that positive change starts with individuals and organizations holding themselves accountable. No matter the industry or company size, we all play a role in creating a better future. Over the past years, we started several initiatives to become more responsible investors – we launched the #ESGinVC interview series, developed our own Sustainable Future Framework and choose to offset all our carbon emissions.

While preventative measures are crucial, we also want to use our resources to help fix already broken things. As technology investors, we are deeply inspired by mission-driven individuals and companies whose inventions solve the most pressing problems. 

Why We Support The Ocean Cleanup

Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face today. An approximate 12.8 million tons of plastic swim in our oceans, degrading into ever smaller pieces, poisoning marine life and introducing pollutants to global food chains. With conventional methods like nets and small vessels, it would take lifetimes to even put a dent in this vast mass of plastic.

One of the organizations that has set their eyes on solving this challenge is The Ocean Cleanup. Founded in 2011 by then 16-year-old Boyan Slat from the Netherlands, their ambition is nothing short of extraordinary: they plan to clean up 90% of all ocean plastic pollution by 2040 and remove the Great Pacific Garbage Patch once and for all.

If you are interested in supporting The Ocean Cleanup, here is their donation page:

Why We Support Code Your Future

One of our core believes at BFP is that technology, used in the right way, is key to creating a more sustainable and equal future. 

With our continued donation to The Ocean Cleanup, we support an organization that addresses a major environmental crisis with ground breaking new inventions. At the same time, technology can also have a positive and tangible impact not just on the environment, but also directly on people’s lives. 

This is why we are proud to support CodeYourFuture, a non-profit organization that trains disadvantaged people to become web developers and helps them to find work in the tech industry. CodeYourFuture works with refugees and people from low-income backgrounds and offers them free courses in basic digital skills as well as advanced programming and soft skills to start their career in tech.

Over 70% of graduates gain employment or access to further education after completing their courses with CodeYourFuture, helped by a network of staff and volunteers from across the world. CodeYourFuture currently offers courses in the UK, Italy and South Africa and is expanding to more locations. 

If you are interested in supporting CodeYourFuture, here is their donation page: