Blue Future Summit 2023

Two days of meeting with LPs, GPs & Founders, VC industry insights and hearty Bavarian food.

About the Event

We are excited to announce this year’s in-person edition of Blue Future Summit. The event is tucked right between Web Summit and Slush – so that hopefully many of you will be around on those dates!

We would love to have you join us for our Summit!


  • Dates: November 23 – 24, 2023
  • Location: Munich
  • Live event


Let us know if you are interested in joining (invite-only).



Day 1 (November 23) @ Donisl

  • Weisswurst Breakfast
  • LP Exchange & Insights
  • VC Insights
  • Bavarian Dinner 

Anton Kabisch

Day 2 (November 24) @ Lilium

  • Deep Dive on the State of European Venture 
  • Lilium Facility Tour
  • Founder Talks
  • GP & LP Panel

Previous Editions

Blue Future Summit 2022:
How Investors Navigate the Downturn

In 2022, we heard from GPs at Construct, Angular & Ubiquity, as well as three LPs, on how they are navigating the global economic downturn.

Blue Future Summit 2021:
The Globalization of Venture Capital

In 2021, we discussed how VC is going global, with great startup successes coming out of Turkey, Romania and other countries.

Blue Future Summit 2020:
Investing in Technology in a New Era

In 2020, we spoke with three GPs and 3 of our LPs on how they are dealing with the new normal of work-from-home, and the digitization of everything.