CO2 Offsetting

Why and how we offset all our unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Our Footprint

While we at Blue Future Partners care deeply about the future of our planet, we have to face the fact that some of our activities emit greenhouse gases and contribute to the world’s climate crisis. Personal interactions and relationships are essential to our investment approach and our value-add both as a fund selector and limited partner in our funds.

So despite having moved many interactions online, we will still require some traveling to meet our partners face-to-face and attend events. To minimize our ecological footprint as much as possible, we put several sustainability measures in place at Blue Future Partners.

Offsetting with Atmosfair

Before each business trip, we always weigh the pros and cons of traveling and favor digital interactions wherever possible. For the cases where we do decide to travel, we have chosen to offset all our carbon emissions through Atmosfair.

Atmosfair is an independent German non-profit for CO2 offsetting that has been found in many rankings and reviews to have a very high degree of  transparency and accountability.

This is how we went about offsetting our emissions for 2021:

We began by determining the exact CO2 emissions in tons of all our flights and car trips for the whole year, using the travel calculator on Atmosfair. Next to that, we also wanted to take into account CO2 emissions that we emit through our cloud infrastructure. Calculating a perfect number is difficult here, we all use so many different tools and providers now. So for each team member, we assumed 1 ton of emitted CO2 for all our cloud infrastructure.

This gave us the sum of all our combined CO2 emissions from business travels and cloud infrastructure. To this sum, we applied a factor of three in order to overcompensate for any potential miscalculations.

Finally, we entered the total CO2 amount (after the factor of three) into the offsetting calculator in Atmosfair and donated the suggested monetary amount to them. 

Atmosfair allows you to choose between a variety of project that they in turn support – from efficient stoves in Africa and India, biogas plants in Nepal and Thailand to solar or hydropower in Ethiopia and South America. For 2021, we decided not to choose between one of the projects but make a general donation to Atmosfair. 

In following years, we will refine our CO2 offsetting strategy and will continue to update on our progress and approach here.

The BFP Team